Use Free Quilling Patterns & Let Your Imagination Take You To New Levels!

Published: 14th October 2009
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Free quilling patterns are essential if you are a quilling virgin. One of the greatest aspects of quilling, is that inspiration for your own quilling design can come from anywhere! There are a number of free quilling patterns you can use or even amalgamate several patterns to recreate your own distinct style!

Tips For Free Quilling Patterns

Here's some good advice, curb your enthusiasm and try and explore different free quilling patterns that you can use to start making your designs. Copy these patterns until you have managed to perfect the different aspects of making quilling pieces. Once you can create quilling patterns from a single pattern with ease, you then may want to consider mixing & matching different patterns together to create hybrid designs. Note, that it's not as easy as picking 2 patterns at random and mixing them up! If you do this you'll end up with a pattern that's not at all pleasing to the eye. Instead look for common traits in different patterns and then use those 2 patterns to make your own unique masterpiece!

Here are other tips you should consider:

* If you desire shorter strips of paper, avoid using scissors or a razor as this will leave a very sharp look to the finished article. Instead tear the strips gently so that it blends in and looks more natural.

* You may find that some of the pieces you've cut out don't meet your approval! This is why it is best to make sure you have some extra pieces - just in case! You can then compare & pick the best ones!

* This may seem a bit obvious, but if you need a longer strip of paper than you have, simply cut 2 short pieces and then glue them together!

The quilling end product is remarkably resilient to damage. If constructed in the proper way. So much so, that they can be stored in scrapbooks or shoved inside cards & they will just spring back up into shape when opened!

The great thing about art is that one mans eye-sore is another mans work of art! Quilling falls under that category as well. If you feel your finished product is not up to the high standards that you had set out, don't be hasty to throw it away! Leave it for a while and gauge how you feel after a while.

Despite that, quilling isn't something to be created in haste or urgency. A really good piece takes time to make. One of the greatest qualities that you'll need as a quilller is patience & focus.

You'll notice that many of the quilling patterns you see resemble flowers. Although the majority of patterns are floral based, it is not limited to this type of design. Free quilling patterns can be found that resemble insects, geometric shapes even people! Make sure that you consult as many free quilling patterns as possible to full appreciate the broad spectrum of patterns.

Many quillers have commented that their finished product is an extension of themselves and what emotion they are experiencing. Without a doubt somewhere down the line you'll end up with a finished quilling design which doesn't resemble what you had anticipated. In this instance, you should reflect upon your creation and find out what this says about yourself before you decide to throw it out in the garbage! Remember, even the greatest artists in the world never imagined their finished masterpieces would look like the way they did!

Free quilling patterns can provide tremendous inspiration and material to help would-be quillers create masterpieces. Click on the link to find out more!

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